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This New area will be devoted to educational awareness through both
audio and video of events past and present that pertain to the

suffering and or mistreatment of the white race in some manner or another.

To listen and watch the material below "Real Player" is recommended, available for a free download at

1. Katyn Forrest Massacre of 1940, committed by the Jewish Communists, which was later blamed on the Germans. Narrated by Dr. William Pierce (Running time 23:08)

2. Actual Katyn video footage from the exhuming of the thousands of White Polish victims at the hands of the murdering Jewish Russians, (NKVD) which we "The Allies" supported. The genocide was then blamed on the wicked Germans. How convenient!  (Running time 18:46)

3. White sex slaves 10-26-02


4. The Wichita Massacre 10-19-02


5. The sinking of the Wihelm Gustloff 02-14-98


6. The genocide at Vinnitsa 06-13-98


7. Welcome to the Ruins 02-28-04


8. The labor day Massacre 10-11-03


9. The bums are White again 07-10-04


10. The killing of Whites has begun 09-21-02



11. The killing of Whites continues 09-28-02

12. Our cause 07-27-02


13. Blood on the Frost: Never forget the Hmong Massacre 12-11-04


14. Radio broadcast by George Lincoln Rockwell (1966 - Running time 25:41)


15. Media Ownership and the Rune Force - (4 minute Flash Animation video)


16. Watch "No plane parts at the Pentagon" (Running time 5 minutes)

17. The cure for cancer (Running time 55:00)


18. 9/11 - In Plane Site (Running time 52:00)


19. Edgar J. Steele on the entrapment of Matt Hale (Running time 59:57)


20. David Cole visits Auschwitz (Running time 61 minutes)


21. America is a changing country (Running time 52 minutes)

22. The Eternal Jew (Running time 64 minutes)

23. See if you can figure out the parable of the "Ducks and Hens".
Part 1
 (approximately 4 minutes)
Part 2
(approximately 4 minutes)
Part 3
(approximately 4 minutes)
Part 4
(approximately 4 minutes)

24. The New World Order Exposed! (Note: This is an introductory video, which introduces you to the World Conspiracy, but unfortunately it contains a couple images I don't agree with. Running time 13 minutes

25. "The history of money and how its been corrupted" by Micheal Trudeau (This must be downloaded to listen to. Running time 60 minutes)'s-Cashless-Society_TBS.wav

26. Paul Fromm interviews Fred Leuchter, who is the man who single handedly smashed the Gas Chamber Lie. This is an excellent interview! (Running time 34 minutes)

27. "The Fifth Estate" unedited Ernst Zundel interview, which partially aired on CBC (Running time 97 minutes)

28. Ernst Zundel - Setting the record Straight (Running time 88 minutes)


29. Listen to the inspiring story of Ernst Zundel's wife, Ingrid Rimland Zundel. A brave woman, who is married to the most famous thought criminal in the world. February 3, 2005 (Running time is 68 minutes)

30. Watch Native rights leader, David Ahenakew's CBC TV comments about you know who. (3 minutes)

*Here is a couple of energy filled & inspiring 1-minute speeches by the great Englishman Sir Oswald Mosley. Oswald Mosley basically was a great British politician who opposed war with Germany and also opposed communist rule. For more on Mosley and his "Blackshirts" go to

31 A. Europe (Running time 1 minute)

B. 300 million Europeans (Running time 1 minute)

32. George Bush celebrates the Soviet “liberation” of Eastern Europe
(Running time 17:38)

33. Here is the collection of Mr. Myron Fagan's 1968 recording of the "Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations". It is presented here in the original 6 part series. The information presented is on the world conspiracy, whose goal is to destroy all White western governments.

Part 1. (Running time 24:40)

Part 2. (Running time 23:51)

Part 3. (Running time 22:32)

Part 4. (Running time 26:12)

Part 5. (Running time 27:15)

Part 6 (Running time 27:01)

34. Here is a 5-minute commercial, which as it turns out was seen by millions of U.K (United Kingdom - Britain) residents on their Televisions. The commercial was made by the efforts of Nick Griffin of the British National Party (BNP) @ People in Canada should learn a valuable lesson from this message, which I am sure was very difficult to air, due to our media masters.

A. Broadband version for Windows XP users

B. Broadband version for Windows 98/Me/2000 users

C. Modem version (low-quality)

Here's a story about the commercial

35. Click here for a link to a list of archived "Wing TV" segments where Victor Thorn places "9/11 on trial". If you are into the statistics of the 9/11 disaster then these 21 clips, which are approximately 20 minutes long each, are for you.

36. "Meet the new Sheriff" this is a great broadcast, which tells the recent story of the new Black Sheriff in Georgia, who on his first day on the job fired 27 White police officers, simply for being White. This is a complete outrage, and should serve as a reminder of what is to come if we don't do something soon! (Running time 9:28)

37. Listen to this fabulous April 24, 2005 interview, between David Duke and Christopher Bollyn, where the two of them discuss the fact that 4000 Jewish people were initially reported missing from the 9/11 disaster. It was later discovered however, that not one of them had gone to work that day, thanks to their inside tip, which they received on their cell phones, from a Text Messaging company. This is a great broadcast where they cover a number of topics. (Running time 90 minutes)

These following videos must be downloaded in order to play them.

38. Why must they die? Into the West (Running time 5:47) A touching video that displays dead American Soldiers coffins.

39 A. Dangerous Negro Cop shoots himself in the foot – Streaming - Running Time 2:48

B. Updated version: where the same black cop states "our ancestors came over here in chains and we built this country..." Running Time 4:09

40. The Dark Side of the Anti-Defamation League - Real Player – Right Click, then “Save Target As”

A. (4:40)
B. (8:53)
C. (9:14)
D. (4:04)
E. (4:06)
F. (3:51)
G. (6:57)
H. (2:18) (NV Text Story)

41. Pro-White Documentary Producer Needs Your Help Video
Running time 1:45 - Real Player

42. Dr. Edward Fields Speaks in Tampa Video (Running Time 12:56)
A. (49 MB)
B. (12 MB)

43. St. Patrick's Day Outreach to Whites Video (Running Time 5:18)
A. (50 Mb)
B. (10 Mb)

44. What World Famous Men Said About the Jews Video
(Running Time 21:23) Real Player
A. (22 MB)
B. (160 MB)

45. People and the land (Streaming - Real Player - Running time 56:21)

46. Top Quality 'National Vanguard' Commercial - Runtime 28 seconds – QuickTime Player
To view video: Right click, “save target as”

A. Large Screen -
B. Medium Screen -
C. Small Screen -

QuickTime Player for Windows

47. Hate Crime Laws: ADL (Real Player - Running Time 10:00)

48. Justice Files: Stealing Us Blind - Jews and Homo's destroy their own homes for money and public attention, while having the nerve to blame it on White Nationalists. (Real Player - Running time 10:47)

49. The Other Israel (Real Player - Running time 40:48)

50. Video excerpts from “Loss Of Liberty" by Tito Howard. This is a great film about the murderous Jewish attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, which killed 34 and wounded 172 Americans. Narrated by Amy Goodman (Real Player – Streaming - Running Time 47:48)

To inexpensively order this complete film and other suppressed videos, go to this site:

For other great broadcasts and viewable videos to watch click below

51. "Poison Dust" The negative effects of Depleted Uranium dust. Streaming Run time 3:51

52. A truth filled speech by Floyd Nelson. Streaming - Run time 20:10

53. The scam known as the "Federal Reserve System". Streaming - Run time 90 minutes

54."Mexicans telling white Americans to go back to England Video" in response to the "Save Our State” project. This is our future if we don't do something soon. Running time 90 Seconds - Real Player - Right click and "Save target as"


B. May 20th 2005

C. May 20th 2005

*55. Large Black man and an 'out of control' spazzing black women, brutally attack White man in line for pizza - (While our people stand around and do nothing!) Real Player - Run Time - 2 minutes

*56. A Black thief and his accomplice, break into multiple vehicles in a Los Vegas parking lot, stealing whatever they can. They actually have the nerve to film their crimes. Run time approximately 3 minutes. (It takes a few minutes to load.) Warning: some profanity

57. A revealing and disturbing video about the numerous murders against the White Farmers in South Africa, which now total over 1400 murders since the transference of power in 1994. Run Time 15:26 (Windows Media Player 7) (download)

58. "Children of Terror" – Real Player – Run Time 13:24
Muslim extremists work to recruit thousands of Black children of Africa (The Sudan) to their Terrorist ideology’s. In this high quality video,the children are taught via military camps, to hate and destroy our White Western civilization, which includes all Christians and Jews. While us White guys sit around and do nothing, our enemies are working to obliterate us. (Download)

59. "Submission" Part 1 - Real Player - Run Time 3 minutes
This is part 1 of the short 10 minute film, which got its creator Theo Van Gogh murdered by an Islamic Extremist, Mohamed Bouyeri on the streets of Holland. As Theo lay dying from a gun shot wound on November 2nd 2004, a message was attached to his chest via a knife, which read "Ayaan Hirsi, Holland, and the U.S. will be destroyed."

60. Big Brother Pizza Flash Video - Run Time 2 minutes
Does the government know too much of your personal information?

61. "Swedes reach Muslim Breaking Point" - Real Player - Run Time 2:07
How Muslim immigration is drastically altering the genetic make up of Sweden

62. A British Columbia Sikh teenager accuses 5 White males of holding a knife to his throat and then cutting off his hair. This is one more example of how Whites are victims of fake "Hate Crimes", which severely smears the entire "White community".

Part 1. Run Time 40 seconds (WMP)

Part 2. Run Time 2:36 (WMP)

63. Israel Spy Ring by Fox News - Part 4 - Run Time 8:57 (WMP)


*64. Stop White Genocide - An interview with South African's Ms. "Deirdre Fields", June 12th, 2005 - Part 1 (30 minutes)

This is an excellent and eye opening interview which deals with the Genocide of White South African people. Kevin and Deirdre also discuss the original "White women and children" Concentration Camps of 1901, which killed around 35 000, due to the Typhus outbreak. In addition they discuss the history of how White people first settled the area. Then when Gold and diamonds were discovered, how Blacks were encouraged to move there, by the "Elites", to work as miners. (NV whole article)


65. Race differences in average IQ are largely genetic
A June 2005 article discussing the recent work of Dr. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario and Dr. Arthur R. Jensen of the University of California at Berkeley. This article is a triumph for both these outstanding scientists. It was published in the journal of Psychology, Public Policy and Law, a journal of the American Psychological Association.